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Stainless Steel Craft Detail Scissors Set

Wool appliques are easily cut, especially turning and cutting. Orange scissor has serrated blade which helps to keep fabric from slipping so cutting is more accurate Stainless Steel blades are through high temperature heat treatment, which makes blades more sharp, durable and not easy to blunt. They can cut through 4 6 layers of cotton fabric [plate]Hair Cutting ScissorsFrequently Asked Questions[steel]All hair cutting shears are made with STAINLESS STEEL that is manufactured in either Japan, Korea, Germany, Taiwan, China, India or Pakistan. The steel made in Japan is regarded as the best scissor steel in the world. Korean, Taiwanese, and Chinese steels are good, but tend to be a little softer metal and do not hold an edge as well as Japanese [plate]3 Ways to Cut Steel wikiHow

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